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Blessing-Miles Tendi (DPhil) is a Zimbabwean writer and university lecturer. Since 2011 Tendi has taught African Politics in the University of Oxford's Department of International Development. Prior to joining the Department of International Development, Tendi worked as a risk consultant for Control Risks (London). Tendi is a contributor to the Guardian newspaper (UK) and has provided political commentary for the BBC, CNN, Sky News, Al Jazeera, Press TV, NPR Radio, amongst others.

In 2017, Tendi will complete his second single-authored book, Ashes and Fire: Life of Solomon Mujuru (Rex Nhongo), which will be published in 2018. Tendi will also try his hand at documentary filmmaking in the year ahead. Thematically, Tendi is interested in and has written about:

  • Intellectuals, Society and the State.
  • Civil-Military Relations.
  • Gender and Politics.
  • The Existence and Use of 'Evil' in Politics.
  • Intelligence Studies.
  • Biographical Research.
  • Southern African Politics (especially Botswana, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Swaziland).

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